Compressor SRM20



Open-type Single-stage Screw Compressor

SRM open-type single-stage Screw Compressors include 6 series totaling 19 models with a displacement of 265 – 10850 m3/h @ 2960 rpm. A large application window caters for a wide range of applications. Whereas all major refrigerants can be used, our compressors are optimized for the natural and environment-friendly refrigerants such as Ammonia R717 and Hydrocarbons like R290, R600 and R1150.

High rotor speeds of up to 6000 rpm for the smallest compressor allow the use of frequency inverters, step-less (10%- 100%) mechanical capacity control and adjustable Vi ensure high efficient operation at varying load and temperature profiles, thus guaranteeing high SEER values.

The robust design and high degrees of obliquity >30° to withstand the rolling and pounding sea allow the use in marine applications.

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Features of SRM open-type single-stage screw compressor:

  • “I”type patented profile, best lobe ratio of 5+7, high efficiency.
  • Rotor is made of high- quality forged steel with micron- machining accuracy, high strength, high wear resistance, and long durability.
  • The housing is made of high- strength ductile iron, design pressure: 2.8 Mpa.
  • Innovative shaft seal. The wear- resistant sealing surface is made of silicon carbide for high reliability.
  • High- precision and wear- resistant roller bearings designed for a life span of 100.000 operating hours.
  • The internal compression ratio Vi can be adjusted to the existing operating conditions either manually or automatically for highest efficiency, even under varying conditions.
  • Stepless capacity control (10-100%) by a mechanical slider.
  • Integrated oil channels for secure lubrication of all critical spots within the compressor.

Process cooling and cold storage NH3 screw compressor package

IMLEK is the biggest Dairy Producer in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. In 2019 the expansion to 300.000 litres of milk in their facility of Subotica needed a new compressor package. The objective is to guarantee uninterrupted cooling for their cold storage and to build up an ice storage as energy buffer. 

Contractor COOL TECH of Belgrade selected the screw compressor SRM20M for its reliability and efficiency. The compressor is driven by a frequency inverter between 1500 and 3600 rpm to continuously match the cooling demand.

Technical data:
Cooling capacity Qo: 974 kW
Evaporation To: -8° C
Condensing Tc: +35° C
Commissioning: 02 /2020

Foodprocessing with Booster System of SRM

The recent extension of the current piston compressor cooling facility of
Salmon company VEGA in Northern Germany was based on SRMTec technology.
The combination of SRM20M and SRM26M booster open-drive compressor packages are engineered and installed by ARCTOS Industriekälte AG.


The SRMTec combination of 1 x SRM26M and 1 x SRM20M compressor-pack as booster system assures a maximum of flexibility with several side loads and is ready for future extensions.
The low stage booster pack provides 500kW at (-)40 deg C which is condensed against the high-stage at
(-) 2 deg C.
The 500kW are allocated to spiral freezers, ice machine and cold storage whereas the high stage besides the condensing load is allocated to ante-rooms, process cooling and medium temperature cold storage.

Technical data:
Cooling capacity Qo: 500 kW L/T; 1230 kW M/T
Evaporation To: -40° C; -3°C
Condensing Tc: -2°C; +32° C
Commissioning: 08 /2018