SRMTec open-drive packages feature our famous work-horse, the SRM compressor. Robust and reliable, built to last for your process-security. We do offer a range of standard packages with horizontal three-phase separation (3 to 5 ppm) oil separators in a wide capacity range (-15/35) from 130kW to more than 5MW. All components are of reputable brands and ready available on a world-wide basis to ensure the longevity of your project.

Of course we are happy to adjust to your specific wishes and requirements to offer the exact solution for highest efficiency.

For low-temperature installations where a side-load on the high-temperature stage is not needed (e.g. dedicated compressor system to a spiral-freezer) SRMTec offers SRM double-stage packages for compact size and highest efficiency.

Please find as a reference our “standard” packages brochure.


Brochure Single Stage SRM Compressor Packages


The semi-hermetic SRS compressor allows extremely compact solutions and is targeted for installations near domestic areas where permanent technically leak-proof compressors are the choice to reduce the apprehension against ammonia. Another perfectly suiting application area are installations, which are subject to seasonal/periodical use like ice rinks, wine processing or back-up systems. Here the shaft-seal of an open-drive compressor might dry up during the idle period and cause leakages or extended service.

Our double-stage SRS compressors are the perfect match to smaller capacity freezer applications especially in confined spaces like fishing boats.


The SRH compressor was developed by SRMTec to extend the applications beyond the traditional operating pressures to a design pressure of 63 bar, hence enabling the design of heat-pumps with screw compressors and ammonia operating on the extended application window of 25/93 to provide hot water of 90°C. In combined heating/cooling applications as slaughterhouses, this offers the possibility to reduce the condensing temperature of refrigeration systems by up to 10K with great energy savings and in parallel the cost effective production of hot water for sanitary purposes. Each heat-pump package is customized and adjusted carefully to the conditions of the heat source, which is varying by temperature and chemical/biological composition. In large cascades of CO2 the SRH compressors are the perfect choice for the low stage as large numbers of small CO2 (piston) compressors with their high maintenance and the high potential failure rate can be avoided.