Semi-hermetic Single-stage Compact Screw Compressor

SRS-C semi-hermetic single-stage Compact Screw Compressors include 3 series totaling 4 models with a displacement of 365 – 620 m3/h @ 2960 rpm. The application window is optimized for medium to high temperature applications like data centre cooling or comfort cooling. Whereas all major refrigerants can be used, our compressors are optimized for the natural and environment-friendly refrigerants such as Ammonia R717.

The semi-hermetic construction results in a permanent technical leak-proof solution without a shaft seal.

The integrated oil separator reduces size, pipes, refrigerant charge and cost.

The use of frequency inverters, a permanent magnet synchronous motor, automatic ActiFlow oil management system and automatic Vi ensure high efficient operation at varying load and temperature profiles, thus guaranteeing high SEER values.

Applications where this product is suitable






Features of SRM open-type single-stage screw compressor:

  • “I”type patented profile, best lobe ratio of 5+7, high efficiency.
  • The aluminium windings of the PM motor are compatible with ammonia and need no extra protection which can get damaged or deteriorate over time.
  • Rotor is made of high- quality forged steel with micron- machining accuracy, high strength, high wear resistance, and long durability.
  • The housing is made of high- strength ductile iron, design pressure: 2.8 Mpa.
  • High- precision and wear- resistant roller bearings designed for a life span of 80.000 operating hours.
  • The internal compression ratio Vi is adjusting automatically without any external input for highest efficiency, even under varying conditions.
  • Integrated oil channels for secure lubrication of all critical spots within the compressor.
  • Actiflow oil management system is automatically supplying the compressor exactly only with the oil flow needed.
  • Wide Application window with up te: +15° and tc: +55°.